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ton·ami means ‘your friend’ and with every ton·ami ceramic we wish that you find a small, faithful friend in it.

All of them are:

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First there was Irmgard. She has always loved clay and colours, so she decided to dedicate herself fully and with all her soul to the subject of ceramics. For more than 10 years, she has been turning, glazing and dancing with joy in her studio in Aachen.

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tonami about 6

Later, Aaron and Gini also fell in love with Irmgard’s ceramics. At first in the studio and then at some point over a cup of cocoa from Irmgard’s wonderful cups, an idea slowly but surely grew. The idea of sustainability in the shape of small, timeless companions with the aspiration to become a part of your life.

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tonami about 8

At ton·ami, everyone does what they do best. Irmgard is the clay artist, so she enjoys her work at the potter’s wheel every day and with passion. And because Irmgard is hard to separate from her clay paradise, Aaron and Gini take over all the other tasks like: Management, Concept, Design and Photography.

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